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Recently, the Department of Labor and Employment has released a list of jobs that will be in-demand for the next 10 years in the Philippines. The list is made based on findings of DOLE's latest labor market study under its "Project Jobs Fit" program. The list was released to the public on June 29 with this year. That was the day when President Aquino announced Baldoz's appointment.

Jobs in Philippines

This software has pinpointed the sectors that want more workforce in the next ten years. These sectors are: agribusiness, cyberservices, overall health, hotel, restaurant and tourism, mining, construction, banking and finance, manufacturing, ownership dwellings and property, transport and logistics, wholesale and retail trade. The research also identified the need to buttress the four emerging industries expected to reinforce professions, namely creative industries, diversified/strategic farming and fishing, power and utilities, and renewable energy.

This program will help Filipino students to find the right course or major in college and would give them the chance to land a job once they finished college. In addition to that, the case for brain drain would be minimized. This has been one of the problems that the Philippines is wanting to resolve. Fresh college graduates would usually apply for a job which is different from the curriculum that they took during their college years. In essence, the college degree earned has somehow been offer waste.

Experience nurses will probably be needed in health and wellness sector. Animal husbandry graduates, agricultural economists, aquaculturists, and coconut farmers are required in the agribusiness sector.

Call center agents are still in-demand for the next ten years in cyberservices sector. One benefit from applying for a position in a contact center is that a degree is not a requirement to get a job in this type of industry. Most people I know who are now occupying higher positions in a very call center have not finished college.

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The outsourcing industry would still carry on and bloom. Having said that, call center representative is not the only position that will be in-demand inside cyber services sector. This can pave way to other outsourcing industry including SEO. In this age the place that the internet is the most powerful tool that assists business to become successful; link builders, webmasters, and other related online jobs will soon be among the sought after job in the Philippines. Adding to that, Philippines will also be known as the perfect choice in finding a perfect SEO partner.

Filipino people would surely benefit about the "Project Jobs Fit" program of the Department at work and Employment. The program aims to aid Filipino to choose the right curriculum attending school and apply what they have learned that helps boost the Philippines economy.

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Filipino folks are expecting so much from the current administration. Anticipation of having a decent life has been elusive. To have a nice paying job will be the only answer that could make life easier for individuals that are below poverty level. Thus, selecting the most appropriate major or course attending college would result to a very promising career when you graduate.

If you are thinking of outsourcing, the most effective country to Outsource dedicated workers comes from the Philippines. Workers through the Philippines are dedicated, polite, smart and therefore are good in written and oral English Language.